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This rendered come from the idea of forcing to structure a document such as a Curriculum Vitae, and be able to get different view of it. I somehow started with the Voronoi view, and so choose p5.js as the starting API, knowing Processing and its graphics and mathematics capabalities, and a powerful Voronoi API, which would need much more work for several obvious (how to use the partitioning in a clear way) and less obvious reasons (distributing the elements from a document on a plan can only be perfect for an even number of nodes...).

The next objective was the filtered view. I did a quick version of the rendered view, as it is the simplest to get fully working, but also the less useful for this program: the filtered view must be properly structured to work, and as such can be easily reused for a better version of the rendered view. But getting a quick working rendered view was useful as a point of reference. The filtered view is currently using tabs for the filtering. In the future I might add a text-based filtering, but that will probably be aimed at longer document than a Curriculum Vitae. Note that the current program relies heavily on recursion and will not be adapted for a long document.

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